Our Story

Mark nicked named “Cheetos” was trying to recover from a serious neck injury due to a bad car accident and two surgeries. When he was prescribed medication for the pain, found himself “addicted” to the pain pills over time.

While researching other methods of relieving pain he was introduced to the health and wellness properties of CBD. With the use of CBD products, Mark was able to end his opiate addiction.

He decided to invest in his local community and share the therapeutic benefits of CBD and open a store in Oracle, Arizona. 

Founder Mark Sanchez and his girlfriend Venessa Guadiana who alongside him, helps to run the daily operations of CheetoVibez.


Building a Stronger Community

We believe in helping our community. We carry top-notch products. Need a specific brand? Just contact us and let us know, we are always willing to learn more about what ails you and how we can help!

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